a diligent driver…

The Case.

A 25 year old registered nurse presents to her GP with a 6 day history of abnormal vision, which she noticed whilst checking her blind-spot when driving. This has been accompanied by painful extraocular movements & the sensation that her right eyelid was drooping. She has had a recent viral URTI & has been quite stressed at work with a pending presentation and upcoming exams….

She has been referred to your ED today (by the Ophthalmologist) with the following visual field examination

LeftEye    RightEye

** hence the "droopy eyelid" **

On examination, her pupils are equal & reactive directly, but there is a positive Marcus-Gunn reflex on the right side. VA 6/5 on (L) & 6/18 on (R). Normal EOM, but reports pain in the right eye with lateral gaze (“like a tight cord pulling”).

She is holding a letter from the Ophthalmologist which states, “please start treatment!”

What’s the diagnosis ?
What are we treating & why ??

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